Jacques Fricker

Rapid and Healthy Weight Loss Publication date : April 1, 2002

This is a completely new edition, both thoroughly revised and enlarged (about fifty pages have been added).
Of course, the basics of the slimming diet, as well as the fundamental principles on which it rests, remain unchanged, but the author has significantly revised the earlier edition to take into account both his clinical practice and the information that has been culled from the inquiries carried out by the French government’s nutritional agency (carried out at the bidding of the Ministry of Health), in which he participated.
The result is a more personal book, better adapted to readers’ desires and daily needs. The revisions and additions concern mainly:
— advice, tricks and tips that will make it easier to stick to the diet on a daily basis,
— options that will enable dieters to make more personal choices in accordance with their own preferences and difficulties encountered: greater freedom, more tips to help each dieter apply the basics of the slimming programme,
— entirely new recipes (except for desserts), which are in closer harmony with French cuisine (for example, many of the dishes are more elaborate).

Jacques Fricker is a physician specialising in nutrition, at Hôpital Bichat, Paris.