Lucy-Anna Kukstas

Shape and Show The Powers and Limitations of Diets and Exercise Publication date : January 1, 1998

Were we really meant to spend our lives depriving ourselves of what we want to eat while forcing ourselves to do painful physical exercises ? In this lively, humorous book, mixing common-sense with the latest findings in medical research, Lucy-Anna Kukstas exposes the folly of the ideology of suffering and deprivation. According to the author, the problem lies in reconciling the needs of our bodies, which have not changed for 35,000 years and are still those of hunter-gatherers, with the brains of modern human beings. The path to good health and to good physical form depends on a close alliance between mind and body, as well as between the body and its environment.
Lucy-Anna Kukstas urges the reader to follow a new life-style for the third millennium based on a new golden rule - that of pleasure.