Gérard Apfeldorfer

Slimming: It's All in the Head Publication date : March 1, 1997

If it were enough to simply lose weight to become thin, everyone or almost everyone would be thin. Whereas, many fail, despite their great motivation. Even more actually attain the goal, but then gain back the weight they lost through such painful and apparently vain, efforts. So, in order to slim and to remain slim, it isn't enough (unfortunately) to simply follow a diet : the crux of the problem is situated in the mind.Gérard Apfeldorfer walks us through this long and formidable adventure which is that of accessing thinness : really deciding to become thin, understanding our eating behaviours, knowing how to moderate our appetites for the rest of our lives, knowing how to live, how to eat, learning to love ourselves and to love life - these are the precious keys to succeeding in the weight-loss endeavor.This guide is full of practical advice and humour and lights up our interior worlds - those which dictate our relationships to food. We are somehow not the same after having read this book, because through the mastery of our eating behaviour, we learn to better understand and better experience our own lives.Gérard Apfeldorfer is a doctor, psychiatrist, and psychotherapist. He has collaborated with the Service of Functional Nutritional Explorations at the Bichat Hospital in Paris. He is also a member of the French Association of Behavioral and Cognitive Therapy.