Nathalie Hutter-Lardeau

Thin at Last! Slimming Coaching for Women Publication date : May 27, 2011

Nathalie Hutter, a nutritionist, is the director of the Atlantic Health Agency, the most important consumer call centre in France, an experience that has given her precise knowledge of consumer needs regarding weight loss. She has a doctorate in nutritional science.

Over the past twenty years, women have been bombarded with countless contradictory theories about dieting and nutrition. The result? Many women lost weight and then gained it all back again, women de-structured their own and their daughters’ eating habits and, more seriously, they have no idea how to lose weight permanently.
Based on examples of real-life behaviour (“Whenever I lose one kilo, I put on three, “I never feel thirsty,” etc.), Nathalie Hutter gives each received idea about nutrition a thorough re-evaluation and explains how to shed kilos permanently.

• Twelve “slimming points” to help combat some common fallacies and to establish sound notions about nutrition.
• Easy-to-follow slimming tips in response to such common objections as, “I don’t like vegetables,” “I never eat breakfast,” etc.
• A direct, energising, reader-friendly style for guidance and encouragement.