Jean-Marie Bourre

The Truth About Omega-3 Publication date : March 29, 2007

Are Omega-3 fatty acids really essential to health? Are they just a panacea, or do they actually have some impact? Can they enhance our moods and improve our libido? Can they help patients suffering from depression and other psychological disorders? Has it been proven that they lessen the risk of cardiovascular diseases, reduce hypertension, eliminate excessive triglycerides and diminish inflammation?
Where and in what form can these fatty acids be found? What quantities should be consumed? How much do they cost? Should one rely on dietary supplements for increased consumption of Omega-3?
Jean-Marie Bourre explains here that Omega-3 fatty acids are contained in the food we eat — but not in all foodstuffs and not in all forms.

Jean-Marie Bourre’s book La Diététique du cerveau, which was first published in 1989, revolutionised our understanding of nutrition.
A member of the French Academy of Medicine, he was formerly a director at the Institut National de la Santé et de la Recherche Médical (INSERM), where he headed a research team specialising in brain chemistry and its links to nutrition. He is the author of La Diététique du cerveau: la nouvelle donne (2003, paperback 2006); Les Aliments de l’intelligence et du plaisir (2001); La Diététique de la performance (1995, paperback 2003); De l’Animal à l'assiette (1993); Les Bonnes Graisses (1991).