Olivier de Ladoucette

A Guide to Ageing Well Memory, Brain, Health, Sexuality, Nutrition Publication date : March 1, 2004

First published four years ago, this guide has been completely revised to take into account the latest research on ageing and age-prevention.
In the past few years, the outlook on anti-ageing products has changed greatly:

Hormones (used to slow down the ageing process)
DHEA treatment seems much less promising than it did two years ago, particularly following the results of the DHEage Study.
Testosterone is the object of growing interest, because it has been successful in treating andropause and is easy to use (patch, gel).
The growth hormone is currently regarded as the treatment of the future.
Hormone Replacement Treatment (HRT) for the menopause has been seriously contested following recent studies in the U.S. and U.K., and many women no longer know whether or not they should follow the treatment.
Antioxidants: Following the study by SUVIMAX, we now know more about the effects of vitamins A and E and of selenium.
Medication for aesthetic purposes: Several new products (botox, hyaluronic acid supplements, among others) have significantly altered prospects on ageing of the epidermis.

Olivier de Ladoucette is a psychiatrist and geriatrician. He is a lecturer at the University of Paris V, where he teaches courses in the psychology of ageing.