François Piette, Sébastien Weill-Engerer

A Health Guide for Seniors Advice, Prevention, Treatment Publication date : October 1, 2003

We all wish to live long, healthy lives, and we can all play an active part in maintaining our own health. This book presents basic health information for the over-50s, in a clear, concise manner. It covers such issues as the brain, memory, Alzheimer’s, cardiovascular diseases, and general aches and pains.
Faced with the current plethora of medical information, patients are required not only to be well-read, but also to be intelligently selective and critical about what they read. Le Guide Santé des Seniors provides the tools to enable readers to become such patients.
The outline:
1. The brain and memory
2. Alzheimer’s
3. Depression
4. The heart and blood vessels
5. Breathing deeply
6. Physical exercise and longevity
7. The eyes
8. Falls
9. Aches and pains
10. Problems with the digestive tract
11. Below the waist
12. What science has taught us about the body’s ageing process
13. A long, healthy life
14. Scientific mysteries of the ageing brain

François Piette teaches geriatrics and internal medicine. He heads a department at Hôpital Charles Foix.
Sébastien Weill-Engerer is a geriatrician at Hôpital Rothschild.