Caroline Chaine

A Short Guide to Menopause Publication date : April 1, 1998

Until recently a taboo subject, menopause is still shrouded in questions and fears. What are the symptoms that women can expect to experience at this stage of their lives? What changes will their bodies undergo? How can osteoporosis be prevented and cured? What are the hazards of contracting cardiovascular diseases? These questions cannot be ignored, especially since women who are in their fifties today lead active, productive lives, are still attractive, and have a life expectancy of 30 more years.This is a concise book, packed with practical advice that can be dipped into as needed. It covers a wide spectrum of cases since no two women experience menopause in the same manner, and is based on the problems of the women that Dr. Chaine has treated in her practice.
The fundamental issue of hormone replacement therapy is examined in detail, as are the various methods of administering the treatment and other practical aspects.