Olivier de Ladoucette

Staying Young: It's All In The Mind Publication date : May 25, 2005

It is feasible for everyone to live to old age. Although the role played by biology cannot be denied, Olivier de Ladoucette argues that psychology is even more important.
He shows that the mind has a great influence on longevity and that it can have a great positive effect — greater than any other factor, including anti-ageing products.
The most positive, serene and optimistic way of ageing, he says, is to develop a positive self-image, through intelligence, wisdom, spirituality, an ability to adapt and the maintenance of a feeling of usefulness.
Most books on ageing deal only with its organic aspects: with the methods (medication, nutrition, exercise) used to delay the onset of the ageing process and with the treatment of age-related diseases. Arguing in favour of the fundamental role of psychology, the author presents us here with a resolutely optimistic view of ageing.

Olivier de Ladoucette is a psychiatrist and geriatrician. He is a lecturer at the University of Paris V, where he teaches courses in the psychology of ageing. He is the author of Guide du bien vieillir, published by Editions Odile Jacob.