Willy Pasini

A Time for Loving Publication date : September 1, 1997

How to find time for love-making. How to reconcile the demands of one's love life and professional life. How to be focused on oneself and available for one's partner. How to be efficient at work, relaxed at home and sexually fulfilled.
Basing his study on concrete examples and on clinical cases, Willy Pasini asks the reader to rediscover the rules of love-play and the pleasure of life with a partner. What is the `recipe' of long-lasting couples? What are the obstacles that impede desire? Are there favourable times for love-making? Are there biological rhythms to be respected? In short, what can be done today to rediscover the joy of love-making?
Willy Pasini is professor of psychiatry and psychology at the University of Geneva, and the founder of the European Federation of Sexology. He is the author of À quoi sert le couple?, published by Editions Odile Jacob.