Willy Pasini

The Couple in love Publication date : April 7, 2005

What should you do if you wish to fall in love and stay in love? How can a couple simultaneously resist change and evolve together at the same rate? What are the problems that may appear at different ages to threaten a couple's relationship, or to impede each partner's personal fulfilment?
How can you improve the chances that your relationship will last? Willy Pasini argues that there is only one way - and that is to consider living with a partner as a succession of specific stages, where each stage requires particular skills and resources.
Living with a partner, says Pasini, need not be synonymous with boredom and routine.
This book will help readers:
o Understand the weak and strong points of the couple at different ages.
o Define where they stand, both personally and in their love life.
o Overcome the obstacles they encounter at different phases in their lives: sexuality and emotional dependence, in the early days of a relationship; later, the transition from being a couple to being a family; fatigue, wear and tear, and doubts, after the age of forty; different ways of expressing affection, after sixty.

Willy Pasini, a psychiatrist and sexologist, is the author of many best-selling books, including A quoi sert le couple?, Le Temps d'aimer, Les Nouveaux Comportements sexuels and La Jalousie.