Pascal de Sutter, Valérie Doyen

Desire A Sexually-Informative Novel Publication date : August 27, 2014

Pascal de Sutter is a psychologist, a professor of psychology, a clinician and researcher, specialising notably in sexology. Besides codirecting the Certificate in clinical sexology at the Catholic University of Louvain, he teaches at the universities of Lille-III and Metz. He is the author of numerous books on sexology for the general reader, including the highly successful La Sexualité des gens heureux (Les Arènes, 2009) and La Mécanique sexuelle des hommes (Laffont, 2011).

How can women who are distressed by a diminished sex drive understand the causes and find explicit ways of reviving their libido?
That is what this book sets out to do by following the specific case of a woman who feels a loss of desire. We witness the ups and downs of her love life and of her sexual encounters as she experiences a number of very common sexual problems which any woman may experience.
In the course of her sessions with her sexologist, readers are given a unique, inside view of a sex therapy — and in the process they discover practical, explicit means and guidelines to enhance sexual desire.
A valuable approach — given that 40% of all divorces originate with sexual problems.

• 55% of adult women say they suffer from a diminished sex drive which harms their relationship.
• Scientific explanations and practical suggestions.
• A unique sexology ‘consultation’ in straightforward, accessible language.