Pascal de Sutter, Valérie Doyen

Erection A Sexo-Informative Novel Publication date : May 2, 2018

Pascal de Sutter is a psychologist, professor of psychology, clinician and researcher, a specialist in sexology. He teaches at the Université Catholique de Louvain and at the universities of Lille III and Metz. He has written several books on sexuality for the general reader which were best-sellers.

Valérie Doyen is a sexologist. An instructor in sexual-functional therapy in Belgium and France, she teaches sexology at the Université Catholique de Louvain. She also consults for various training programs.
Nicolas Gembloux has had some relationship problems in his private life. On the professional side, involved in a stolen property affair, he is recruited by the secret service for a mission in the Middle East. What will happen to him before he rediscovered his self-esteem and his virility?

All men one day or another experience erectile dysfunction, which, when it isn’t treated, can cause psychological trauma. When a medical exam reveals that the patient is in good physical health, the cause of the erectile problem is sought in inadequate psycho-sexual functioning.

The “sexo-informative” novel combines escape and the pleasure of fiction with advice and scientific information on a subject in sexology: impotence. The story of the novel is pure fiction. The sexual information is based on clinical reality and on research.

This book aims to provide concrete advice to better understand and improve erectile function. It is written both for men and women.