Claude Crépault

Fantasies Eroticism and Sexuality Publication date : April 5, 2007

What are the most common conscious erotic fantasies among men and women?
What is known about latent fantasies, i.e. those fantasies that do not normally reach the conscious level?
Can these latent fantasies also be categorised?
What are the relations between fantasies and the subterranean world of dreams, over which we have no control? How do our fantasies relate to our actual sexual conduct, which is usually under our conscious control?
Human eroticism is made up of fantasies, dreams and reality. Claude Crépault shows here how these three aspects combine and how they sometimes contradict one another. Above all, he urges us to try to understand the area of ourselves that lies in the shadows and which we prefer to hide — even though it is an essential part of all of us, both male and female.

This book will help readers to discover and analyze their fantasies, to uncover the disguises their own and their partners’ fantasies can adopt, to understand that erotic preferences are not the result of chance but of personal history, and, finally, to learn why male and female eroticism are not and cannot be identical.

Claude Crépault, a sexologist, is an honorary professor at the University of Quebec, Montreal.