François-Xavier Poudat

Fulfilling Your Sexuality Publication date : June 3, 2010

How to fulfil your sexuality? Is it possible to attain fulfilment in harmony with your partner? How to deal with a loss of desire? With the absence of pleasure? With pain during sexual relations? With erectile dysfunctions? Sexual fulfilment depends on a thorough knowledge of oneself, one's body and libido and on a heightened understanding of one's partner and of his or her expectations.

François-Xavier Poudat offers here a clear explanation, with no taboos, of male and female sexual behaviour. He reveals what is concealed by some blockages, many of which are based on preconceived ideas. In order to overcome sexual disorders (anorgasmy, premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, etc.), the author proposes various solutions and effective therapeutic programmes consisting of exercises to be practised alone or with a partner. This is a guidebook to pleasure, for anyone who wishes to enrich their sexuality and their relationship.

• The method popularised by Editions Odile Jacob's “Self-help guides” applied to sexuality.

• Explanations to further our understanding and a thorough therapeutic programme to enable us to take action.

• Suggestions and advice to help couples fulfil their sexuality.

François-Xavier Poudat is a psychiatrist and sexologist specialising in behavioural and cognitive couples therapy. He teaches sexology at the University of Nantes.