Alain Braconnier

The Gender of the Emotions Publication date : November 1, 2000

Why do men hide when they feel like crying? Why are women better at expressing their feelings and making themselves heard? Male pride and female intuition are not myths. It is true that men express anger more easily than women, and that women are more anxious. Each gender has its own specific emotional culture. Alain Braconnier argues that men and women should try to understand one another, to interpret each other's behaviour, and to share their feelings and learn to express them. They will realise then that their differences are complementary and that they can enrich one another by sharing them.

Alain Braconnier, a medical psychoanalyst, is the director of a mental health association in Paris. He specialises in adolescent issues and is the author of many books, including L'Adolescence aux Mille Visages and Le Guide de l'Adolescent.