Lucy Vincent

How to Fall in Love Publication date : June 9, 2004

What if love was one of the best magic tricks invented by evolution ? For some time now, scientists have tried to solve the mysteries of love, and have thus accumulated a mass of data on hormones, pheromones and neurotransmitters which are all thought to be implicated in the process. As a consequence, we know more today about the complex reasons which lead us to search for a Prince Charming, or the princess of our dreams. We know more about the apparent folly which takes over our brain when we fall in love, and more about the biological foundations which lead couples to separate, after children have been produced. Critically, we know more about the secrets of happiness as a couple, and how to make it last. A far cry from the soppy, and rose-tinted fairy tales of our childhood, Lucy Vincent invites us to discover, with her both humorous and emotive approach, the true face of love – its ruses, its calculations, but also its charm, its fun, and at the end of the day, its essential beauty. An indispensable read for those who wish to know the hidden aspects of love, and a useful tool to help master the strategies and language of love.

A doctor in neurosciences, Lucy Vincent is equally a scientific editor at Radio France. She has notably published La Forme et la Frime.