Roger Eisenberg

Jack and Jill Publication date : March 16, 2006

Jack is a morning person. Jill is a night person. He needs a shower in the morning. She loves to bathe at night. In bed, Jack throws off his covers or sleeps on top of them. Jill’s hands and feet are always cold, as is the tip of her nose. When they go to a restaurant, Jack orders a rare rib steak, preferably with a marrow bone. Jill always has a mozzarella-and-tomato salad or fish with green vegetables. Jack dreams of buying a new car and a new apartment, but there is nothing that Jill hates more than moving.
Men and women are different, but since they weren’t made to live apart, and seem to spend a lot of time trying to seduce one another, it would help if they understood their differences — beginning with the physiological ones.
That is what Roger Eisenberg explains here. From adolescence to the menopause and the first signs of ageing, he reviews the major events in the hormonal life of men and women, as well as some of their most basic differences.
This is an indispensable book which will help each one of us understand, and be more tolerant of, the rhythms, habits and quirks of his or her partner.

Roger Eisenberg is an endocrinologist and nutritionist working in Paris. He is the author of Poisson Gourmand, Poisson Minceur (1998) and Le Sexe Faible et le Sexe Fragile (1999).