Willy Pasini

Liberated and Sometimes Brazen Every nuance of female sexuality Publication date : September 17, 2014

Willy Pasini is a psychiatrist, sexologist and psychotherapist. He is the author of many highly successful books, including À quoi sert le couple?, La Force du désir, Le Temps d’aimer, Les Amours infidèles and, more recently, Les Armes de la séduction, all published by Editions Odile Jacob.

‘Many women have not yet discovered their right to sexuality — to a great extent because they fear the freedom they have so justly won in sexual matters. That fear takes on different forms. Women may renounce their own desires, they may conform to the norm, or they may show their generosity, even to those who are underserving.
‘Women recoil if they feel their freedom is being curtailed. Yet, at the same time, they protect themselves with as many safeguards as possible (beliefs, ideology, habits), which often turn out to be internal prisons.
‘Let’s hope that this book will help women tear down their prison walls and begin to take the leading role in their own lives, so as to fulfil themselves with greater freedom,’ writes Willy Pasini.

• A well argued denunciation of all the interior prisons that continue to restrict women’s sexual pleasure and fulfilment.
• An expert in sexology urges women to overcome their inhibitions and to fully enjoy their sexuality.