Béatrice Millêtre

Living Homosexuality Positively Publication date : April 13, 2006

In a society that regards heterosexuality as the norm, it is not always easy for homosexuals to feel at ease about their sexual preferences. If you are a homosexual, you must first of all accept your own difference; secondly, you must make others accept it. Fear — of rejection, of disappointing others, of causing suffering — makes many homosexuals live in secrecy, lying about their lives to their families, friends and colleagues. Many homosexuals who have not yet “come out” suffer from the compartmentalisation of their lives.
In order to attain personal freedom and fulfilment, gay people need to be able to reveal their homosexuality — an indispensable step that often requires some form of psychological support.
But how should you go about asserting your homosexuality? The author offers suggestions and outlines a programme of action, illustrated with numerous examples. With adequate preparation, she argues, coming out can be handled successfully.
And what happens next? The process continues, says the author, who offers advice on how to lead a fulfilled, happy life as a gay person.
This important, timely book raises a serious issue: the suffering endured by many gay people. In France, homosexual adolescents are seven times more likely to attempt suicide than their heterosexual peers; and homosexual adults are five times more likely to attempt suicide than heterosexual adults.
The author addresses gay people, who seek answers, and their families and friends, who wish to understand and help them.

Béatrice Millêtre is a psychotherapist specialising in behavioural and cognitive therapies. She holds a doctorate in psychology. She has published articles in professional journals and presented papers at conferences on homosexuality.