Lucy Vincent

Love from A de XY Publication date : September 16, 2010

Lucy Vincent is a neurobiologist and the author of several highly successful books, on the subject of love, including Comment devient-on amoureux? (2004), Petits arrangements avec l’amour (2005) and Où est passé l’amour? (2007).

“A” as in attachment
“B” as in brain
“F” as in feelings
“J” as in jealousy
“K” as in kiss
“P” as in pheromones
“V” as in violence

Love has its own laws, rules and reasons. And, as Lucy Vincent shows here, it also has its own alphabet and a number of ancient well-guarded secrets, which are now revealed to us.

All you ever wanted to know about love, from A to Z or, rather, from A to XY, by one of the greatest experts on the subject.

• The book is easy to consult: the basics about love are explained in some thirty alphabetised entries, from “falling in love” to “marriage”, from “couple” to “infidelity”, from “desire” to “pleasure”.

• A clear, precise, systematic synthesis of everything that is now scientifically known about love, its inevitable phases, its ruses and surprises.

• The latest scientific findings and some amusing or surprising entries on such subjects as the kiss, heartache and dreams of a Prince Charming.