Nicole Jeammet

Love, Sexuality, Affection A Reconciliation Publication date : October 21, 2005

Our society demands individual freedom and personal development and it has turned sexuality into the focal point of personal fulfilment.
This is the conclusion reached by Nicole Jeammet, following an extensive study of recent best-selling fiction. Observing that sexuality tends to override feelings, she analyses current sexual behaviour: anonymous sexuality, multiple partners, all-consuming sexuality.
Rejecting the current divorce between sexuality and feelings, Jeammet turns to the biblical “Song of Songs” for an alternative and, she argues, very modern form of love in which sexuality, though valued for its own sake, is also allied to sensuality and feelings.
Based on a careful reading of some disturbing contemporary novelists, such as Michel Houellebecq and Catherine Millet, Jeammet offers an original analysis of a form of “divorce” that is characteristic of our times — though it has received little attention. She proposes unusual, sometimes surprising, replies to the perennial questions: How to love oneself? How to love another person? How to love each other within the structure of a couple?

Nicole Jeammet teaches psychopathology at the University of Paris V-René Descartes. She also teaches at the Centre Sèvres, a Jesuit university, in Paris. She is most notably the author of Les Violences morales, published by Editions Odile Jacob, in 2001.