Claude Crépault

Male Sexuality Publication date : April 12, 2013

Claude Crépault is the cofounder of the Sexology Department at the University of Quebec, founder-president of the International Institute of Sexoanalysis and an honorary professor at the University of Quebec.

‘There is a tendency to describe man as a sort of walking phallus driven by instinct. This is a highly reductive way of regarding male sexuality. Erectile dysfunction is treated with pharmacological erectile facilitators, and when a man’s sex drive is considered dangerous, surgical or chemical castration is proposed. One is led to believe that male sexuality is fundamentally determined by Nature’s laws; men are animalised.
‘My thirty years’ research in sexology has, on the contrary, convinced me that male sexuality is as dependent on the psyche as is female sexuality.
‘Even for men, apparently banal sexual matters may be of great conscious or unconscious significance. If human sexuality is a complex phenomenon, I would say that the degree of complexity is greater in men than it is in women. I reached the conclusion that male sexuality is more enigmatic than female sexuality, based on numerous observations grounded on my own clinical experience,’ writes Claude Crépault.

• A powerful, original thesis: men’s relation to sex is much more complex than is generally believed.
• A thorough description of the major characteristics of male sexuality: sexual fantasies, sexual orientation, dysfunctions concerning desire, pleasure, etc.