Jean Belaïsch, Anne de Kervasdoué

Men's Questions Publication date : April 1, 2003

In the seven years since the publication of the previous edition of Questions d’Hommes, progress in medicine and genetics has increased our knowledge of the male body and thus changed the way men are medically treated, both in the sexual and psychological spheres.
This new edition has been thoroughly up-dated, particularly in the following areas:
- Viagra and the new ways of treating erectile insufficiency. Now that Viagra has been on the market for several years, conclusions may be drawn about the much-publicised “miracle” pill, its uses, effectiveness and possible dangers.
- The new sexual pharmacopoeia: There has also been a boom in the use of homeopathy and herbal medicines to enhance male sexuality. But how can one differentiate between useless potions and real medication?
- AIDS: In recent years, there have been major modifications in the types of treatment available and in our knowledge about the real risks of transmission. The chapter on AIDS has been entirely rewritten.
- An evaluation of disorders, based on a new scale of measurement. New instruments, “quality-of-life” tests and other types of appraisal have made more reliable, earlier diagnosis possible, particularly concerning prostate problems.
- Ways of treating sterility thanks to increased knowledge about genetics.

“At first, you’re entertained, but you want to know more. Then you really get into it because the questions are so relevant and the answers so precise. Highly instructive.”
L’Événement du jeudi

“It is clear, precise, highly detailed and humorously illustrated by Claire Brétecher. Everything is discussed, without taboos. To be passed on from father to son. It should also be shared so that [women] can learn everything there is to know about male sexuality.”

“At last [a book] that examines all the ages of man, from birth to old age, that reviews male health issues and provides thorough answers to questions about the body, sexuality and fatherhood.”
Paris Match

“An all-embracing book!”
Le Nouvel Observateur

“Finally, here is a guide to everything you ever wanted to know about male health, from birth to old age. It will be highly useful for mothers who wish to bring up such questions with their sons, for adolescents, and for couples who want to know more about how to lead fulfilling sexual lives. It provides answers to every subject.”
Femme actuelle

Jean Belaïsch is an andrologist and gynaecologist specialising in sterility.
Anne de Kervasdoué is a gynaecologist.