Jacques Barillon, Paul Bensussan

The New Code on Sexuality Publication date : January 11, 2007

Definitions of transgression and accepted behaviour in sexual matters vary over time. Our own age appears to be trapped in a paradox. At the same time as an increasing number of sexual practices have become acceptable, laws everywhere have become more repressive.
What is and is not permissible today? What are the dangers inherent in seductive forms of behaviour that are often regarded as harmless? At what point does a form of behaviour cross the legal line? Jacques Barillon and Paul Bensussan scrutinise 69 statements concerning our sexuality, for example: “All forms of sexual behaviour between consenting adults are permissible”; “Infidelity is an offence”; “A father who bathes with his daughter past her third birthday can be legally prosecuted.” By examining which of these statements are true and which are false, readers will acquire a good grasp of the legally imposed limits. And the authors’ critical stance will incite them to make a thorough re-examination of contemporary sexuality.

By defining the legal limits of private behaviour in a simple, accessible manner, this book will help readers understand a major issue at the heart of several contemporary legal battles: sexual behaviour and the law.

Jacques Barillon is an internationally renowned lawyer specialising in criminal law. He has pled in many European countries, notably in cases of sexual violence. He lives in Switzerland.
Paul Bensussan, a psychiatrist and sexologist, specialises in sex crimes. He was consulted during the Outreau case. He lives in Paris.
Barillon and Bensussan are the authors of Le Désir criminel: La violence sexuelle entre les adultes (2004).