Élisa Brune

Private Confidences Female Sexual Desire and Male Bodies Publication date : October 3, 2013

An awarded novelist and essayist, Élisa Brune is the author of the bestseller Le Secret des femmes, which sold more than 40,000 copies. This is the book that changed the way female sexuality is discussed in the European media; it was followed by La Révolution du plaisir féminin, which was also a major success. In addition, Brune is the author of several novels and has received in 2011 the Thyde Monnier book award by la Société des Gens de Lettres and, in 2012, the Emmanuel Vossaert book prize, Académie Royale de Langue et Littérature Françaises de Belgique.

This is an anthology of sexual desire, as experienced and described by women. What they communicate here is not hard and fast knowledge but a cocktail of sensations. This is an anthology of the desirable body of men –notable absent in art and literature – , approached here as a full subject. This book lifts an age-old taboo concerning female desire for the male body as an erotic object. Women can and do lust after a male shoulder, butt, penis — and they say so, clearly and precisely.

The author has rewritten women’s confidences into reading’s nibbles, sometimes realistic (testimonies), other times invented (fantasies), sometimes literal (readers’ letters) and sometimes literary (poetry).

The many voices that have lived or thought erotic energy in their intimacy comes to the reader through this unique confidences’ salon to share a godsend of sensations. These varied stories are served by Brune’s acclaimed poetry that is not that commonplace… 

Because poetry is the non frozen form of language precisely as sexuality, the language of bodies take her full scope when we go beyond ready-made formulations. • A wide range of ways of experiencing desire and sexuality.

• A breath of fresh-air, a witty feminism served by a poetry that is not that commonplace…

• Exhilarating and utterly modern!