Élisa Brune

The Revolution Of Female Pleasure Publication date : February 23, 2012

Elisa Brune is a novelist and a science journalist. She has written about astronomy (Bonnes nouvelles des étoiles, with J.P. Luminet) as well as on volcanoes, hypnosis and female sexuality (Le Secret des Femmes 1, La Tentation d’Edouard, Un Homme est une rose, Alors heureuse… croient-ils!)

Following Le Secret des femmes 1, Elisa Brune continues her enquiry into female sexuality and reveals new information on female anatomy, the G-Spot, pelvic muscles and reparative and reconstructive surgery of female genitals.
How have women’s behaviour and sexual lifestyles evolved? Are women more sexually fulfilled than in the past? What methods do they use to attain greater sexual fulfilment and improved access to pleasure?
The book is constructed around a series of encounters with specialists in sexuality (therapists, physicians, scientists) and with women who have or have had special experiences.
Included here are answers to many questions, innovations to be discovered, professional advice and recent findings — all indicating that we are at the dawn of a sexual revolution.

• The indispensable follow-up to the earlier Secret des Femmes 1, which has sold more than 30,000 copies.
• The latest scientific findings on female sexuality.
• An accessible work.