Philippe Brenot

Sex and Love Publication date : February 1, 2003

Is sex “natural”? Are children endowed with sexuality? Is making love “dirty”? Can masturbation make you deaf? Is there such a thing as an “unnatural” sex act? What if there were no such thing as “love at first sight”? Is proof of love an abiding necessity? Is it really so important for partners to reach orgasm simultaneously? Are women exclusively either clitoral- or vaginal-sensitive? Does the G-spot exist? Is there such a thing as female ejaculation? Is it true that men think only of their own pleasure? Don’t women fantasise? Does the sex drive drop with age? Should all our fantasies be played out? Is there any truth in the saying “out of sight, out of mind”? Is jealousy a sign of love? Does the coming of a child destroy the couple?
Sex and love are laden with reservations, prohibitions, taboos and hatred, as well as erroneous beliefs and exaggerated expectations. These are the “myths and legends” that hinder us from discovering the paths to fulfilment.
“The goal of this book is to eliminate these last taboos, remove some ridiculous prohibitions, free the consciousness, and deny those guilt feelings that continue to surround some of the simplest gestures of our sex lives. In some ways, this is a course in sex education for adults,” writes Philippe Brenot.

Philippe Brenot, a psychiatrist, couple therapist and sexologist, is the director of studies on sexology at the Victor Ségalen University-Bordeaux 2. He the author of Les Mots du sexe, L’Education sexuelle, La Sexologie, Les Medecins de l’amour, De la lettre d’amour and the recently published Inventer le couple. He is the co-author with Suzanne Képès of Relaxation et sexualité.