Élisa Brune

Sex-Lab Good News for Female Sexual Enjoyment Publication date : January 6, 2016

Élisa Brune, an essayist and science journalist, is the author of such highly successful books as Le Secret des femmes (co-authored with Yves Ferroul) and La Révolution du plaisir féminin, both published by Editions Odile Jacob. In addition, she is the co-author, with Jean-Pierre Luminet, of Bonnes nouvelles des étoiles.

Female sexual pleasure is an inexhaustible subject, and Élisa Brune has become a recognised expert on female sexuality. A talented writer whose goal is to inform women about their sexuality, Brune has succeeded in broadening our knowledge of the subject, so that men and women can find greater harmony.
Divided into 80 short chapters, each presented in the form of a short story or as a personal account for easy identification, the book provides a complete review of all the recent findings that can help women become aware of and fulfil their sexual potential.
Sex drive, libido, orgasm, sexual fantasies, pleasure, G-spot, the erotic self, stimuli, the sexual brain: there are many recent findings that can help women discover new possibilities.

• An accessible approach to recent research on female sexuality and sexual enjoyment.
• A lively, alert, well-written book, whose humour never undermines the author’s serious goal: to inform, help and empower women.
• Each short chapter is accompanied by an illustration.
• Sexuality can be seen as a measure of a society’s cultural development: enhancing our knowledge of sexuality is a sign of progress.