Willy Pasini

Staying In Love Publication date : November 6, 2008

How do people fall in love? How do they stay in love?

Yes, love can last a very long time, and couples can successfully overcome all sorts of trials, even the most difficult ones — but only if they know how to renew their love, evolve, move on. Only if they have wings as well as roots.

This book is a profound hymn to love and to the couple. It will enable readers to understand the weak and strong points of the couple at different ages, and to recognise the obstacles they will encounter at different phases of their lives.

Willy Pasini, a psychiatrist and sexologist, is the author of many best-selling books, including A quoi sert le couple? (1996), Le Temps d'aimer (1997), La Force du désir (1999), Les Casse-pieds (2000), Le Courage de Changer (2001), Etre sûr de soi (2002), Les Nouveaux Comportements sexuels (2003), La Jalousie (2004), Les 7 avantages de la beauté (2006), Des hommes à aimer (2007) and L'Amour infidèle (2008).