Claude Lelièvre, Francis Lec

Teachers, School and Sexuality Publication date : April 18, 2005

Fear of paedophiles, enduring mistrust of homosexuals, a recent scandal concerning sexual harassment in French universities: it would seem that we have recently discovered that teachers are sexual beings. In France, in the past, private confessional schools were self-proclaimed sanctuaries of “purity”, while the old-fashioned secular state school repressed all sexuality. Today, the prevalent mood is one of suspicion — aggravated by the media.
This book covers the history of nearly two centuries of denial and confusion in French schools of teachers’ and students’ sexuality. It deals with such issues as the tracking down of “impurity”, the illusions surrounding mixed schooling, the failures of sexual education, and the inappropriate behaviour of some teachers. This is a carefully thought-out examination of the current increase in legal proceedings for sexual offences.

Claude Lelièvre teaches the history of education at the University of Paris-V. He is the author of Histoire des institutions scolaires; L’École à la française en danger?; Jules Ferry, la République éducatrice; Histoire de la scolarisation des filles (with Françoise Lelièvre) and L’École des présidents (with Christian Nique).
Francis Lec is a lawyer and a consultant for Solidarité Laïque.