Willy Pasini

The Time to Love Publication date : January 13, 2005

How can we reconcile our love life with our professional life? How can we pay attention to our own needs while remaining in tune to those of our partner? What is the recipe for success of long-lasting couples? Are there times of the day that are more favourable for love-making? How and when can we find time to love?
Drawing on specific clinical cases, Willy Pasini helps us rediscover the rules of the game of love, and the charm of life with a partner.

“Pasini has the flare for setting the record straight, thanks to clear, concise prose, with very little jargon.” Elle magazine

“Willy Pasini helps us to harmonise the rhythms of our desires and pleasures, to overcome our fears, and to synchronise our mutual expectations.” L'Express

Willy Pasini is a professor of psychiatry and psychology at the University of Geneva and the founder of the European Foundation of Sexology. He is the author of A quoi sert le couple? (Editions Odile Jacob, 1996; paperback edition 2000), La Force du Désir (Editions Odile Jacob, 1999; paperback 2002), Les Casse-pieds(Editions Odile Jacob, 2000; paperback 2003), Les Nouveaux comportements sexuels (Editions Odile Jacob, 2003) and La Jalousie (Editions Odile Jacob, 2004). He is the co-author, with Donata Francesca, of Le Courage de changer (Editions Odile Jacob, 2001; paperback 2003).