Jacques Montangero

Forty Questions About Dreams Publication date : June 13, 2013

Jacques Montangero is an honorary professor at the University of Geneva, where his work has focused on the cognitive aspects of dreams. In his laboratory for dream studies, he and his research team have gathered and analysed numerous dream narratives. He is the author of Comprendre ses rêves pour mieux se connaître (Editions Odile Jacob, 2007).

What determines what we dream? How can we explain the bizarre feelings and emotions conveyed by dreams? Why do we mistake dreams for reality? Why do dreams seem to be constructed like stories?
Can we find meaning in our dreams? Is there something we should do with our dreams or should we simply forget them?
The author answers these and many other questions clearly and cogently. He reviews recent research, emphasising the latest findings in cognitive studies which have transformed our knowledge of dreams and dreaming.

• Clear, concise responses to some forty questions.
• Original explanations based on dream narratives gathered under research conditions; clinical interviews; behavioural cognitive psychotherapy.