Clémence Peix-Lavallée

Get A Good Night’s Sleep without pills Publication date : September 7, 2016

Clémence Peix-Lavallée is a consultant sophrologist in Neuilly-sur-Seine, specializing in sleep disorders. She teaches in schools of relaxation therapy and provides expert advice to business leaders through the Association of Progress Management.

In France, 6 million people take antidepressants, and 11.5 million are addicted to anxiety drugs. For most, anxiolytics or sleeping pills are addictive. Yet when it comes to sleeping problems they solve nothing. Insomnia is the sickness of the century.
Considering that one working adult in three has difficulty getting to sleep, and one in five is considered insomniac, sleep quickly becomes a disturbing daily concern.
Yet there is a way to find sleep efficiently, without medication, without side effects, without addiction, without dependency. This is what this entirely original method is offering.
Based on the experience of more than a thousand people treated by relaxation therapy, Clemence Peix Lavallée has developed a method, based on the understanding of sleep disorders, and relaxation therapy exercises tailored to different sleeper profiles. These exercises, highly effective behavioral tools in most insomnia cases, are simple, pleasant to use and proven solutions.