André Kahn

Sleep and Your Child Publication date : April 1, 1998

Many parents are confronted every day and night with problems surrounding their child’s sleep patterns: some babies may not be able to fall asleep unless they are rocked in a push-chair, others are unable to sleep through the night; some children refuse to go to bed, while others only fall asleep in their parents’ bed. Sleeping problems are common, though they may take many different forms.The struggle at bedtime rapidly becomes a source of fatigue and anxiety. Yet in most cases the problem can be easily resolved, since many sleep disorders are based on simple misunderstandings. Step by step, Professor Kahn describes numerous case studies he has encountered in his medical practice, and then recounts one representative case in detail. Finally, he describes the solution, or solutions, that may resolve a given situation. In Le Sommeil de Votre Enfant, Professor Kahn highlights the importance of understanding sleep disorders before undertaking an active cure. This is a highly readable book combining scientific knowledge of sleep with a generous-minded approach to life. André Kahn is a professor of pediatrics and the head of the service of sleep disorders at the Hôpital des Enfants de la Reine Fabiola, in Brussels. He has done extensive research on children’s sleep disorders and on infant cot death.