Jean Bénichou, Marc Libotte

The Book of Feet and Walking Publication date : November 1, 2002

- Do you have flat feet ? Hollow feet ? How is the marvel of bipedalism possible ?
- With regard to foot diseases, is it necessary to operate on bunions, or hallux valgus ? How can deviations of the toe be treated ? What about problems with the heel ? Sprains ? Tendonitis ?
- The foot can also be a reflection of your health : rheumatisms, gout, diabetics, neurological problems – the foot can suffer from numerous more general afflictions.
- Why are the feet of children, athletes and senior citizens so fragile ?
- In taking care of your feet, what type of shoes are best to wear ? How can you look after the nails and the skin ? How should you treat athlete’s foot ? What to make of reflexology ?
- How does the foot work ? Thanks to several simple biomechanical principles, it is possible to understand the fascinating complexity of walking.
- The position of the foot in our culture : from Achille’s heel to satin shoes, from the Cinderella’s slipper to the lotus foot of Chinese civilisation, discover the rich symbolism fo the foot.

Dr Jean Bénichou and Professor Marc Libotte are orthopaedic surgeons, specialising in foot surgery.