Gérard Chaliand, Sophie Mousset

Guide of Traveler All around the world Publication date : October 5, 2006

Where to go on holiday? If you don't have much time to make up your mind, here's a book that will help you. It is also bound to whet your appetite for new destinations — whether you're planning a trip or simply indulging in armchair travel. Gérard Chaliand provides many unusual travel ideas, covering sixty countries on every continent. Not only does he offer a new approach to such popular travel destinations as the United States, Guatemala, Morocco, Italy, Turkey and Japan, he also incites the reader to discover some lesser-known parts of the world: Korea, Indonesia, Iran, Yemen and Greenland. The following information is given for each destination: • what to see in a given amount of time; what not to go out of your way to visit; some suggested itineraries • the best time to go • historical and cultural references; descriptions of sites • the local cuisine • practical tips to help you pack your bag This is an indispensable book for anyone who loves to travel and who wishes to discover some unusual destinations that are off-the-beaten track. With its wealth of cultural and travel information and its excellent photography, this is the guidebook to read before any others. Gérard Chaliand is a writer specialising in strategic issues and geopolitics. He is the author of Anthologie mondiale de la stratégie, Atlas stratégique, Atlas des diasporas (1991), 2000 ans de chrétientés (2000), L'Héritage occidental (2002) and Guerre et civilisations (2005).