Stéphane Cascua, Marie-Pierre Olivieri

Losing Weight Through Sports Publication date : March 20, 2005

Since we know that we should practise sports to be in good form, it stands to reason that we should try to find a sport that suits us.
There are periods in everyone’s life of increased physical vulnerability. For men, they often result from a sedentary existence and are aggravated by andropause. For women, the periods of increased fragility are puberty, pregnancy and menopause.
Sport is known to improve health: exercise burns fat, sculpts the body, helps reduce weight, regulates the appetite, and has a positive effect on the nervous system.
This book reviews all the major sports, including jogging, swimming, body-building, cardio-training, cycling. It lists the advantages and disadvantages of each sport, and explains how to benefit from the positive points without being harmed by the negative ones. In addition, nutritional advice is provided for each sport and for each phase of the exercise process.

Stéphane Cascua is a sports physician and the author of Le Sport est-il bon pour la santé? He is attached to a major professional football club and lectures at the teaching hospital of La Pitié-Salpêtrière, in Paris.
Marie-Pierre Olivieri is a dietician specialising in nutrition for athletes.