Willy Pasini

The Passion for Golf Game The Winner’s Psychology Publication date : May 7, 2013

A psychiatrist, sexologist and psychotherapist, Willy Pasini is the author of more than fifteen acclaimed, successful books, including À quoi sert le couple?, La Force du désir, Le Courage de changer, Le Temps d’aimer and, more recently, Les Armes de la séduction, all published by Editions Odile Jacob.

Could golf be the most psychological of sports?
Who are the golfers that excel on the putting green? What are their strengths, style and mental attitude? How do they control their emotions and manage stress? What drives to win? How do they rebound after defeat?
A psychiatrist, psychotherapist and himself a golfer, Willy Pasini reveals everything you should know to improve your golf game, beat your opponents and, especially, acquire and develop a winning attitude.

• An indispensible book for golfers and other sportspersons that shows how psychology can make all the difference, on the putting green and elsewhere.
• Included here are numerous diagrams to help improve your game and psychological tips to make you unbeatable.