Lionel Coudron, Corinne Miéville

Yoga Therapy:Treating Depression Publication date : January 17, 2018

Lionel Coudron has been a physician and yoga instructor for more than thirty years. He is the director of the Institut de yoga-thérapie. He is notably the author of the best-selling Le Yoga. Bien vivre des émotions and La Yoga-thérapie.
Corinne Miéville is a yoga instructor. She directs training at the Institut de yoga-thérapie with Lionel Coudron.
Can yoga provide an alternative response in the treatment of depression? The answer is yes. This is what Dr. Lionel Coudron, physician and yoga instructor, explains, as he presents in this guide a true 7-point program to help break the vicious cycle of the illness. Depression is an illness unlike any other that impacts emotions and psychology. If depression influences our thoughts and our behavior, the opposite is also true: our thoughts and our behaviors influence our state of mind. And that is exactly the goal of yoga: to work with thoughts and the body through breathing and poses to progressively free it from oppressive thoughts, reinforce energy, learn to recover, to distance oneself from dark thoughts, reinstall a state of peace, of awareness, and of joy. Such is the great advantage of this approach which doesn’t claim to replace medication, but which enables each affected person to act directly on the physiological, psychic, emotional levels of the body. An approach whose benefits are scientifically recognized and whose practice is encouraged.