Lionel Coudron, Corinne Miéville

Yoga Therapy:Treating Emotional Shocks and Fears Publication date : January 8, 2018

Lionel Coudron has been a physician and yoga instructor for more than thirty years. He is the director of the Institut de yoga-thérapie. He is notably the author of the best-selling Le Yoga. Bien vivre des émotions and La Yoga-thérapie.
Corinne Miéville is a yoga instructor. She directs training at the Institut de yoga-thérapie with Lionel Coudron.
Fear of flying, verification phobias (OCD), fear of taking transportation following a violent trauma: all these forms of anxiety handicap daily life. They do not randomly take root, but yoga can have an influence on their uncontrollable mechanisms.
The association of poses, breathing, and visualizations with work on thoughts enables a deep modification, by oneself, of a state of fear and underlying worry.
Yoga exercises, by working on the various levels of the body – physiological, psychic, and emotional – free tensions, pacify the mental and lead to a relaxation.

The practice of yoga renders accessible effective tools that enable one to control anxiety, its physical manifestations, and to rediscover confidence. By also following some more general healthy-living advice, it will be possible then to rediscover an inner security and thus transform one’s life. When one feels better in one’s body, one feels better in one’s head.