Lionel Coudron

Yoga Therapy Publication date : January 14, 2010

Lionel Coudron is a physician with qualifications in acupuncture, nutrition, biology and sports medicine. He has taught yoga for more than thirty years and was formerly the president of the teachers’ college of the French Hatha Yoga Federation. The founder of the Medicine and Yoga Association, he is currently the director of the Yoga Therapy Institute.
He was formerly a lecturer and professor at the International Acupuncture Institute and at the Medical Academy of Acupuncture, and the secretary of the Medical Association for Research into Eating Disorders. He is currently a member of the scientific committee’s network for the treatment of eating disorders.

It has been amply established that yoga is good for our health. Yoga therapy has countless positive effects, both physical and psychological: it can help overcome digestive problems, cure backache and combat respiratory disorders.
The author does not simply list the various postures and their characteristics. He provides a detailed description of yoga therapy’s applications in the area of personal development.

The author provides a multidisciplinary approach to yoga: yoga for all ages, as a form of physical therapy and as a process of personal development.
This is the book to read to stay in perfect health — or to get back into shape.