Philippe Moreau Desfarges

A History of Peace Ideas for the Future Publication date : January 15, 2020

 A former diplomat, research scientist at the French Institute of International Relations (IFRI), Philippe Moreau-Defarges has taught at Sciences Po (Paris) and co-edited the IFRI yearly RAMSES survey. He is the author of best-selling books on the history of international relations and geopolitics.
Humans have appropriated the planet like no other species. But nothing ever comes free. The earth-house is also a prison from which humans will not soon escape. We must construct peace so that the Blue Planet doesn’t become a hell.” PMD
For Philippe Moreau Defarges, human beings are henceforth condemned to peace (and not to war!). A peace that will resemble no other, and which remains to be conceived.
This is the subject of this book, one that is both forward-looking and historical. Listing examples of peace of the past, from the pax romana to the pax Americana, Philippe Moreau Defarges shows that the latter is the final imperial peace: China will not substitute its leadership to that of the United States.
What will the peace of tomorrow look like?
To find out, we must choose a laborious path, one notably explored by the philosopher Emmanuel Kant: that of a contractual, democratic peace of planetary purpose.