François Heisbourg

The Age of Predators: China, America, Russia, and Us Publication date : March 25, 2020

A specialist in geostrategy, François Heisbourg is president of the International Institute for Strategic Studies, and special advisor at the Fondation pour la recherche stratégique.

What will become of us, France and the European countries that are our neighbors and friends? Struggling to modernize our economy, assailed from all directions by powers driven by greed and sometimes hatred, will our continent fall prey to new predators?

François Heisbourg helps us understand the new reality that marks the end of the long period of strategic stability that European democracies have enjoyed for more than 70 years.

He presents the incredible rise of the Chinese super-power: in only a few years the foremost cyber-dictatorship in history has become a direct threat to the European political and social model.

He describes the transformation of an Uncle Sam flexing his muscles, leaning on his still dominant financial position to in turn indulge in predation.

Finally, he describes a Russia that has returned to the adults’ table, looking for opportunities to challenge the security order built by European democracies.

Europe does not lack assets in the new game that is opening, even if it does not have, and will not have anytime soon, the instruments for governing a super-State. But its days are numbered. It indeed must here and now confront the Chinese offensive vis-a-vis the G5, the American strategic policies, and a Russia seeking new adventures.