François Godement, Abigaël Vasselier

China on Our Doorstep An update on China – European Union relations Publication date : October 17, 2018

China has established firm footing in Europe. Its presence is no longer felt simply in massive commercial excess, but also in investments, credit, and a financial power that serves Chinese public diplomacy. We are witnessing a sort of gold rush among certain European figures, while many corporations, media groups, and universities are attempting to protect their access to the Chinese market.
How can Europe obtain more reciprocity in its relations with China when China continues to claim a developing nation status? What can be done so that China recognizes European norms? How can Europe confront an increasingly state-driven industrial policy that impacts Europe’s strategic interests?
This book presents the current state of China-EU relations and offers ways to direct those relations in a direction more favorable to Europe. Europe has learned from its difficult, sometimes inexistent, relations with China, and has begun to put forward proposals. But confronted with a China that for the time being is not responding to Europe’s requests, Europe must shift into a higher gear …