Georges Bensoussan

The Jews of the Arab World The Forbidden Question Publication date : January 4, 2017

Georges Bensoussan, historian, is a specialist in the cultural history of 19th- and 20th-century Europe, and particularly of the Jewish world. His research focuses on anti-Semitism and the relationship between memory and history. He is in charge of editorial content at the Shoah Memorial (Paris). He lives in Paris.
Based on a vast amount of archive material, particularly from diplomatic and military sources, Georges Bensoussan shows that Jews in the Arab-Muslim world were subjected to segregation and servitude.

Which explains why, in barely a generation, some 900,000 Jews left those areas.
Thus the history of Jewish-Arab relations from the 19th century to the present day tends to refute the oft-defended theory of a happy and harmonious coexistence between Jews and Muslims in the Arab world.
On the contrary, it is a history of domination and submission – but also one of esteem and even admiration – that is revealed in this book.