Paul Kennedy

Preparing the 21st Century Translated from english (United States) by Gèraldine Koff d'Amico. Publication date : March 1, 1996

The world as we know it has changed considerably since the Cold War. Today, our greatest challenges are no longer ideological or military-- they essentially concern demography, environment, biotechnology, robotics, information technologies and financial transactions. The problems are no longer local, they are global.Paul Kennedy looks at the world region by region in order to analyze the assets of different countries in light of today's political stakes. Are Western countries condemned to decline? Will the new economic powers consecrated to dominating the next century? What will become of developing countries? Which countries are set to be tomorrow's winners and losers? Paul Kennedy's book is the indispensable guide to understanding the world of today and preparing for the one of tomorrow.A specialist in geopolitics and the history of international relations, Paul Kennedy is the author of The Rise and Fall of the Great Empires. He is a professor at Yale University in the United States.