Daniel Sibony

The Quran and the Bible In questions and answers Publication date : March 1, 2017

Daniel Sibony is a psychoanalyst, born in Morocco. An Arabic speaker, he benefits from a direct knowledge of the texts of the Quran. He is the author of forty works, of which the most recent, published in 2016, is Un certain "vivre ensemble": Musulmans et Juifs dans le monde arabe (A Kind of Cohabitation: Muslims and Jews in the Arab World). He lives in Paris.

For the first time, an analysis of the Quran as a strategic book, driven by two types of discourse against non-believers: one symbolic and the other military; one pacifist, the other authoritarian. According to Daniel Sibony, who pursues here his careful analysis of the Quran, these two aspects are closely intertwined and underpin the essential nature of the Muslim religion from its origins to the present day.
This study of the very letter of the Quran makes it possible to answer the question of what is written and what is not written in the sacred text of Islam.
This short but dense book is aimed at all those who would like to know more or who, despite their knowledge, find themselves lacking points of reference.