Jean Daniel

War and Peace Israel-Palestine (Journalism 1956-2003) Publication date : October 1, 2003

Jean Daniel’s complete writings on the Jewish-Palestinian question (including editorials, lectures, and articles published outside France) have been collected in this volume, which provides an extension, complement and counterpoint to Prison juive, published simultaneously.
Detailed notes and a commentary are provided to enable readers to place each event mentioned in its context. In addition, the debates that have raged on the issues of Judaism, Zionism and Arab Islam are illustrated by numerous quotations and citations.

A writer and journalist, Jean Daniel is the publisher of the French weekly newsmagazine Le Nouvel Observateur. He is the author of many books, including Le Temps qui reste (winner of the international press prize), L’Ère des ruptures (winner of the French prize Aujourd’hui), De Gaulle et l’Algérie, Les Religions d’un président, L’Ami anglais (Albert Camus prize), Voyage au bout de la nation and Dieu est-il fanatique?