Laurent Murawiec

War in the 21st Century Publication date : January 1, 2000

This book surveys what specialists regard as the “revolution in military affairs”, currently underway, which is characterised by increased care in detecting military targets and in greater bombing precision, thanks to highly sophisticated computerised technology in which virtual reality and simulation play key roles. The military are now making use of space technology and cyberspace and relying on mobility, speed and secrecy.
Powerfully written and illustrated with many striking, concrete examples, the author’s description of how he believes wars will be waged in future is as gripping as a James Bond movie or a video game. The only thoroughly-researched book on the subject available in French, it is also an appeal for a new approach to Europe’s military strategy. Most of the new technologies that have shaken the world’s economy have come from the United States, and the military revolution is no exception. The author wonders if Europeans will finally be able to move out of the passenger seat, and take charge of the situation.

Laurent Murawiec is a consultant for the French Ministry of Defence and a lecturer at the Ecole des Hautes Etudes de Sciences Sociales. He has also translated the works of Clausewitz.